The impact of Covid on EU meat and the synergy with Cotance

L'impatto del Covid sulla carne UE e la sinergia con Cotance

The January-May period was very bad. A partial recovery was seen only in the second half of the year. Meanwhile, the economic situation is still weak. The impact of Covid on EU meat translates into -1.67% in 2020 and the projection of -0.46% in 2021. But the communitarian supply chain does not give up and, on the contrary, is mobilised to better represent its priorities. In synergy with Cotance, that represents national tanning associations in Brussels.

Covid on EU meat

Is the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) that does the math. In the first 5 months of 2020, European slaughterings fell by 4.91% on an annual basis. Only recovered the second half, we said, allowing the sector to normalise operations and close at -1.67%. The critical issues, primarily catering’s slowness, are not over. For this reason, prospect for the current year is that exports to non-EU countries will be stronger than domestic demand, while the turnover still remains in the negative area.

The synergy with Cotance

Meanwhile, Cotance, together with Fur Europe, has joined forces with 9 other associations linked to the livestock industry in the European Livestock Voice inter-group. In early March, ELV has already made its voice heard by those blowing in favour of the so-called synthetic meat, that is, that produced in laboratories. The inter-group makes an appointment for March 25, when it will present the communication campaign “The 9 paradoxes of Farm to Fork”. “The communitarian Farm to Fork strategy is very ambitious – reads the invitation -, but the European livestock sector fears that its agricultural traditions and the enormous progress already made are not really taken into account. Farmers are actors committed to change towards greater sustainability. They believe that the Farm to Fork approach is based on misconceptions”.

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