Two million hides thrown away: Argentina claims reconsideration over duties on export of tanning raw materials

About two million hides might be successfully allocated on international markets, yet conversely they are bound to be wasted because of blocks on export. According to Argentinian local sources, quoted by the Sauer Report, there has been a meeting between president Mauricio Macri and some representatives of the national livestock and farm industry: the spotlight was on protectionism over tanning raw materials, that is a number of ad valorem taxes, instated in the nineties, based on the value (up to 5%) of raw hides and wet blue leather. The industry representatives highlighted two major issues. First of all, margins: hides could be sold on international markets at a more competitive price, compared to domestic markets. Secondly, red tape: in spite of a partial reduction of duties, approved by the Government in 2015, customs authorities keep applying the ones prior to the reform.


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