Tyson Foods reaches 20.6 billion USD of revenue: the Beef division (7.8 billion) grows 3.3%

Tyson Foods closes its first semester with 20.6 billion USD, equal to a yearly growth of 3.3%, while operating profit is slightly higher (from 1.41 billion to 1.44), net profit was lower (from 1.9 billion USD to 948 million). During the fiscal period that closed on March 31st, the Beef division of the multinational livestock company registered a revenue of 7.8 billion USD (+3.3%), with a 1.1% increase in volume and 2.1% increase of average prices. Just as it happened in the past, the positive period of the red meat segment is caused by the sum of increased livestock availability and higher demand within the marketplace. For the entire fiscal year currently taking place, Tyson forecasts a 2% growth on the entire animal production process (not just bovine, swine and poultry as well), with potential growth in market share absorbed by exports. With regards to bovine meat, the number of heads of livestock is also expected to grow by 2%. Total turnover, according to forecasts published by the multinational, should be of about 43 billion, while the EBIT for the Beef division should be 7%.



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