USA: fattening bovines increase, while slaughters decline. Livestock and farming industry is about to slow down

In the United States, bovine livestock slightly go up in number: at the beginning of 2019, they have reached 94.8 million units, including calves. As for animals intended for fattening (14.4 million units), they have been increasing more remarkably (+2%). Such data, reported by, hang on estimates provided by USDA, the United States Department of Agriculture. In other words, US livestock and farming industry is supposedly about to slow down, as to slaughters, therefore keeping bovines in the feedlots for a longer time. Apparently, another sign, still supplied by USDA, also confirms such trend: in the first two months of the year global slaughters (5.3 million units) have been slightly decreasing on annual basis (-0.4%), yet the trend is considerably more negative when it comes to calves (-12.8%). To recap, availability of raw hides and skins might decrease throughout the year, despite a super-supply of tanning raw material, for the time being.


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