In the second quarter, Farfetch could do better than expected

In the second quarter, Farfetch could do better than expected

Already in the January-March period, closed with sales up by 90%, the e-commerce platform has shown that it knows how to seize opportunities from the lockdown. But in the second quarter, Farfetch exceeds analysts’s expectations. The company founded by José Neves (pictured) could bring home results up by 25/30%.

The second quarter Farfetch

Data are not yet definitive, of course. The quarter ends June 30, and the official report will be published later in the summer. But WWD anticipations, coming from the international press, say that second quarter GMV (gross merchandise value) stands between 605 and 630 million dollars.

From the top management of the company, based in London and listed on the New York Stock Exchange, confidence is emerging due to the increase in traffic on the website (+60%) and the rooting in the main reference markets. To conclude, the lockdown has accelerated online shopping, and Farfetch has been able to intercept the demand of digital customers.

Moreover, the injection of liquidity makes it possible to put the accounts in order: Farfetch, in the second quarter, should also reduce the loss of the adjusted EBITDA.

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