USA close to the “new normal”: what will they buy?

USA close to the “new normal”: what will they buy?

How will US consumers behave in the weeks to come? Will they buy clothing and accessories? And what will they buy? Small concerts and other live events will be allowed in New York from April 2. In other words, there will be a gradual return to the “new normal”. But there is uncertainty about what the impact of all this will be on fashion purchases.

USA close to the “new normal”

There are two theories. The first is that of “revenge shopping” which, after the Chinese, will also infect the Americans. It means growth in expenses for restaurants, travel and large purchases. The second relates to the fact that the pandemic has prompted many people to limit discretionary purchases and reduce consumption in the name of sustainability. Trends that could continue over time. According to the latest data released by Deloitte, US consumers expect to keep spending on clothing and shoes unchanged in the weeks of April 2021, compared to March 2021 which is now winding down.

What will the USA buy

“We will see an increase in the consumption of clothing and footwear – Gabriella Santaniello (A Line Partners) tells Footwear News – when people go out for dinner and to travel, but I do not hypothesise a complete renovation of their wardrobe right now. People want experiences”. To give us some indication of what the US will buy, then, Google took care of it. As Business of Fashion writes, on the portal searches for footwear with heels are on the rise and, in recent days, have reached levels that haven’t been seen since February 2020. Instead, searches for sweatpants (absolute metaphor for the lockdown look) are crashing.

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