Brazil, CSCB Sustainability Forum to discuss leather

La locandina del CSCB Sustainability Forum 2019

A historical material challenged by modern times, an industrial process in search of the best solution to create a connection with new consumption and new consumer ideas. The title of the next edition of CSCB Sustainability Forum is “Leather in a hyperconnected world”: “Leather is tradition, past techniques remain functional – we read in the presentation of the event -. But there is a need for new uses, so that younger generations are aware of the advantages of leather: although it is an ancestral material, there is still a need to explore and discover”.

The date

Date on November 7th at the Senai Institute of Leather and Environmental Technology (Estancia Velha, Rio Grande do Sul) for the event, organised by the Brazilian leather certification body (CSCB) and promoted by the national tanning association (CICB) and the export promotion agency (APEX Brasil). The panel of speakers foresees the intervention of designers, fashion experts and technical figures from companies such as Stahl and Lanxess.


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