EU Deforestation Regulation: track the batch, not the individual hide

EU Deforestation Regulation: track the batch, not the individual hide

A step forward towards of reasonableness regarding EUDR, otherwise known as the EU Deforestation Regulation. A timely adjustment to a regulation that “sets goals that Italian tanners (and others) fully share.” But one that, at the same time, threatens the Italian leather sector. In the face of this alarming condition and cross-activation at several levels, Brussels has accepted the request made by Cotance, suggested and supported by UNIC – Italian Tanneries. In other words: batches will be traced, rather than individual hides.

The lot will be traced

As UNIC reports in a note, “some important updates emerged during the last meeting of the EU Commission’s multi-stakeholder roundtable on EUDR.” A place in which “the European confederation Cotance participates, representing the sector.” Among these “important updates” is the one, perhaps, most sensitive, as well as necessary and with time constraints. “In response to specific questions posed by Cotance,” at the invitation of UNIC, during the meeting, Brussels “stated that traceability activities, in the case of hides, may be done by batch.” Given the context of EUDR, its premise and the possible negative and disruptive consequences it would trigger, this is undoubtedly good news, if not a step forward.

Other updates

UNIC also reports that “the Commission expects to publish official guidelines before July in order to properly carry out the Due Diligence Statement.” Not only that. Brussels “made it known that it is working to present the country risk benchmarking system as soon as possible.” This is reassuring, as “before worsening the status of a country, a dialogue between governments has to take place”.

Meeting in Arzignano

All the news and perspectives of EUDR will be featured at a conference in Arzignano on May 28. Title: “Deforestation Regulation: the state of the art – Requirements, procedures, relations with suppliers and clients, controls.” It is being organized by the Veneto Leather District in collaboration with UNIC – Italian Tanneries, and under the patronage of Confindustria Vicenza – Tanning Section. The meeting is open to all companies interested in the topic. You only need to register by May 21st.

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