Italian Leather 12 goals in the 2019 Sustainability Report

I 12 goal della pelle italiana nel Rapporto di Sostenibilità 2019

The 2019 Sustainability Report tells the story of Italian leather’s 12 goals. Which has become even cleaner, safer and efficient. And no, we aren’t talking of goals the same way they are discussed in football. The document of yearly occurrence prepared by UNIC – Italian Tanners for the year 2019, decided to align itself with what will be the directives of the United Nation’s 2030 agenda for Sustainable Development. The UN identifies, in the document, a wide framework made of 17 sustainable development goals to be pursued for social, economic and environmental development. Here is how, according to the UN’s directives, Italian leather proves to be keeping up with the challenge.

Italian Leather’s 12 goals

Italy’s tanning segment is getting safer by the day: the number of work-related incidents has dropped by 42% since 2003. Moreover, the institute monitoring the accidents states that 23% of all accidents happen “on the way to work” and are thus not connected to the production process. Italy’s tanning segment has always given value to its human resources: 90% of employees are employed with a permanent work contract, while women represent 22% of total positions. Italy’s tanneries are also more efficient. Consumption of chemicals dropped by 3% since 2003, while water and electric by 19% and 30% respectively.

Sustainability Report

These are just some of the example. The sustainability Report for the year 2019 was presented in its synthetic version during UNIC – Italian Tanners’ assembly on December 3rd. “The sustainability topic has made its way into the strategies of our businesses at least 50 years ago – commented Gianni Russo, the association’s president -, anticipating, as a matter of fact, more than the more stringent regulations, but also the demands from clients. This report documents how sustainability is a value for us that was built overtime, and how we have pursued it relentlessly”.

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