Lineapelle exports its responsible innovation to New York

Lineapelle exports its responsible innovation to New York

The starting point is A New Point of Materials, a project that Lineapelle launched during its latest edition (Fieramilano Rho, 22/24 September 2021). A successful experience that made it possible to present “new-generation leathers, materials and technologies through the story of their entire production process” and in the light of their most factual green substance. In other words: the responsible innovation one. Now, A New Point of Materials, in the form and manner we will see, has landed in New York.

Responsible innovation in New York

Yesterday in the Big Apple took place the launch of ReClothe, a platform created by Fashion 4 Development together with C.L.A.S.S. Eco Hub, already involved by Lineapelle in the Milan organization debut of A New Point of Materials. ReClothe, explains C.L.A.S.S. CEO Giusy Bettoni, “is configured as a catalyst of transversal competences to all fashion supply chains”. An expertise center “that wants to inform and educate fashion system professionals and students in relation to the new generation of green values”. Values such as circularity (the real one) and, by extension, like “responsible innovation”. And here, A New Point of Materials comes into play.

Strategic importance

Strengthened by the Milan recent experience, “we thought it was important and strategic – explains Lineapelle CEO, Fulvia Bacchi – to take advantage of the opportunity to be present in New York with this far-reaching and topical project. An importance increased by the fact that, for reasons related to the pandemic, we are not able to organize our Lineapelle New York fair yet”. So, the launch of ReClothe was enriched by the presence of A New Point of Materials, thanks also to the active participation of the Italian Culture Institute of New York. In its rooms, in fact, until tomorrow, there is an exhibition of the innovative and responsible leathers and materials protagonists of the project debuted at Lineapelle.

The cultural factor

An explicit factor, the cultural one, clearly expressed by the whole New York event. Yesterday’s presentation, in fact, proposed the thematic in-depth analysis of the Sustainability Series, which was attended by the president of UNIC – Concerie Italiane, Fabrizio Nuti, together with, among others, Veronica Tonini, Chief Risk Officer & Sustainability Coordinator of Salvatore Ferragamo. And not just: the debate was interspersed with the airing of a short docuclip on the restoration of the Pompei tannery financed by Italian tanners. As Nuti pointed out, this was an incisive way of recounting not only the leadership of Italian leather in terms of responsible innovation. But also the incredible value of its historical and cultural matrix. Because there is no future without respect for its past. Just as there can be no sustainability without responsible innovation.

If you like to see the videos of all the talks and live performances of the first edition of A New Point of Materials (Lineapelle, 22/24 September 2021) click here. The access is free and on demand.

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