Uruguay debates over livestock web traceability: “Hides will double their value then”

Talking about a very topical issue, namely cattle traceability across the overall leather industry. As reported by Leatherbiz portal, there is currently a lot of debate about that in Uruguay, amongst other countries. For the records, Alberto Gonzàlez Buceta (in the picture, taken from elobservador.com.uy), chief executive officer of Frigorìfico Las Piedras, made a speech about the subject while taking part in the meeting “El mercado ganadero en modo oportunidad”, held in Montevideo. He stated: “The only chance we have is focusing on web traceability of each livestock unit across farms, mangers and slaughterhouses. Its implementation would be a strategic benefit rather than an unwanted drawback”. Farmers promptly replied: “Nice words, but who is going to pay for such technology upgrading?”. Buceta stressed the importance of that investment, since “cattle web traceability would drive bigger profits”. On top of that, “if we do not brand livestock anymore, hides will nearly double their value: breeders should consider that carefully, since additional earnings would offset the costs they had to bear to implement the system”. Who is going to prevail?


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