A Consortium that has been speaking up for 25 years: Vegetale is celebrating

Un Consorzio che parla da 25 anni: il Vegetale è in festa

“We are a Consortium that speaks”. Communication is the heart of  Consorzio Vera Pelle Italiana Conciata al Vegetale (Vegetable Tanned Leather, ndr). President Simone Remi recalled this during the evening celebrating the first 25 years of activity. The event took place last Thursday (21 November) at CasaConcia, in Ponte a Egola.


Summing up this first quarter of a century. Opening the door to future projects. The Consortium did so together with the 22 associated companies. And by hosting Fulvia Bacchi, UNIC – Italian Tanneries general manager (which celebrated the Consortium with a plaque); Michele Matteoli (president of Consorzio Conciatori of Ponte a Egola); local administrators of San Miniato, Fucecchio, Santa Croce sull’Arno and Castelfranco di Sotto.

Don’t sell, retain

“The Consortium has spoken in these past 25 years. It tried to make leather understandable. Because, especially in the case of the vegetable one – said Remi -, if there is no product culture, it is difficult to have a future. This is the function of the Consortium: not to sell, but to retain customers.
To make people understand an extremely difficult yet beautiful product”. Remi recalled who, before him, held the reins of this mission: “It is true that we must always look ahead, but it is right after 25 years to turn back for a moment to thank, as is right, the presidents who have been here before me. Sauro Falorni, Giovanni Tempesti, Paolo Quagli and Andrea Ghizzani”.

1.6 million tags

Remi then announced an important achievement: “In one year we sold 1.6 million tags. For an association of 22 tanneries I would say that it’s not bad…”. The Warranty Card certifies the origin, the workmanship process, and the naturalness of the vegetable tanned leather produced. Each card is printed with anti-counterfeiting techniques, and shows a progressive serial number. It serves the Consortium to identify, always and everywhere, the tannery supplying the leather and the manufacturer of the product.

The tanners word

The evening was characterised by a video showing the voices of the Consortium’s tanners. The question was: “What does the association’s reality represent for you?” The answers were varied and significant. From “It is tenacious and proactive” to “It is an instrument of awareness: in this historical period it is essential to do so”. From “It is to be all together to promote our workhorse” to “We produce, the Consortium tells it”. Moving on to “Unity is strength”, “Competitors but friends. Divided, but united for a common purpose”.

In the photo on the left, one of the engravings autographed by artist Antonio Bobò, created for the 25th anniversary of the Consortium




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