Argentina winks at China: the rumour about Curtume CBR confirms it

Argentina winks at China: the rumour about Curtume CBR confirms it

Argentina winks at China. Casa Rosada presented the new Export Development Plan to the Chinese representatives in the country. A project that includes training for companies, major investments and an intensification of commercial relations between the two states. In the meantime, rumours about the interest of a Chinese partner in the CBR tannery in Nonogasta are  back.

Argentina winks at China

As reports, the strategy that the Argentine government has thought of looking at the Chinese market involves an investment of around 16.5 million dollars. Not only that: also a training course for South American companies that want to approach new Asian customers. The goal is to position over 100 new companies in the Chinese market, doubling the current number of companies exporting to Asia. The public funds, in particular, will be used to create a line of credit in dollars which companies will be able to access at subsidised rates: 4% up to 200,000  dollars and 4.5% if the request reaches 300,000 dollars.

Opening up at new perspectives

Illustrating the plan, which was also followed by the Argentine Ambassador in China Sabino Vaca Narvaja and Chinese Ambassador in Argentina Zou Xiaoli, the Minister for Productive Development Matías Kulfas stressed out that: “The new Chinese middle class opens up new perspectives not only for the increase demand, but also for the growth of its requests and expectations”. Furthermore, Kulfas said there are “opportunities in the meat industry, where trade and investment between our countries are growing rapidly”.

Rumours about Curtume CBR

In the meantime, rumours are coming about the interest in Curtume CBR tannery in Nonogasta by a Chinese investor. The rumour has been circulating since December, that is when the head of Secalar union, Federico Salazar, spoke of “contacts between the state and possible investors from South Africa and China”. A desperate way out that would follow the step aside that the by the government. However, a week ago Salazar himself corrected the game, arguing that Chinese capital would not come to buy the tannery, but in the pockets of investors already present in Argentina and eager to enter the leather market. But now the version has changed once more. talks about the possibility that a consortium of both Chinese and Argentine partners will acquire the company. Negotiations would be at an “advanced” stage and to guide them would be ambassador Vaca Narvaja.

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