China, environment and tanneries. CLIA announce “Due to further inspections, 70 companies out of 103 to close”, in Wuji and Xinji districts

Chinese tanners talk about themselves and their leather business. The spokesperson is Su Chaoying, honorary president of CLIA (China Leather Industry Association): the portal, which published his assessment, is the one that refers to Hong Kong APLF leather fair. It turns out an interesting report that spotlights, in particular, China’s environmental policy, which has been turning upside down Chinese leather tanning industry. Moreover, it is going to keep doing it in the next future. Su Chaoying has confirmed such assumption while remarking a few things about the “environment safeguard” project, carried out by Chinese government. After completing its initial stage, “such project, which started three years ago and went on for thirty months, led to the permanent closing of all tanneries that were unable or reluctant to invest in modern machinery and equipment to treat their sewage appropriately”. It is not just that though: “In fact, Wuji and Xinji tanning districts are currently facing further environmental inspections, which are bound to lead to the closing of some more polluting tanneries”. As a result of that, CLIA assume that “the number of working tanneries, located in the region, 103 at the moment, will drop down to about 35, through several mergers and acquisitions”. This is meant to be the final stage of “a deep industrial refurbishment project”, which inevitably caused production to decrease in this district (in contrast to other Chinese tanning clusters, whose business kept showing a positive trend, though it did not achieve very brilliant performances). “However, wrap up CLIA, mid-term manufacturing will supposedly get back to its past standards”.


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