Confirmed volumes, slightly decline. 2016 export of Italian leather resists despite a challenging economic situation. Sales to the US are still growing

Numbers confirm feelings. Globally, in 2016, Italian leather has maintained its leadership position establishing its market share, resisting a penalising economy and absorbing a drop in the value of its exports. As a result, the export of the finished product remains in line with the 2015 estimates for quantities. However, the value of exports exceeded € 3.4 billion, albeit slightly, expectations. This loss is 3% less than the amount collected in the previous year. This situation according to the UNIC (The National Union of the Tannery Industry, whose Economic Department has processed the data, is due to the combined effect of some economic factors that have led to a decline in the average price of the finite product. Among these factors, there are a weak demand from tannery customers, a structural downturn in price lists, and euro-dollar exchange rate fluctuations.” This data confirms some trends that have been recurring for months. First of all, the decisive moment registered by Washington manufacturing that continues to increase its Italian leather purchases marking + 14% in 2016. The new delocalisation routes confirm the decline in purchases in the Chinese area. (+ 9%), Philippines (+ 20%), Indonesia (+ 6%), Myanmar (+ 34%). France (+ 2%), supporting the trend of Serbia (+ 15%) And Mexico (+ 22%).


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