Del Chienti Tannery: study center located in the Marche region. To be of Chinese property? “A fortune”

Del Chienti Tannery Tolentino (Macerata, Italy) will open, in July, a center for Research and development for leather, created in collaboration with the University of Camerino. The announcement was made by Marco Luppa, CEO of the company controlled by Jihua Group Corporation, a Chinese group with more than 30 billion Euros of revenue which holds 85% of the tannery. “It is significant that an economic giant wants to finance a family business with a cooperative of workers,” said Luppa during the presentation of the conference: China Goes Global, the world’s leading conference on the themes of Chinese globalization which will be held in Macerata on 26th and 27th of July. “The Chinese have invested over 10 million Euros in our factory. They are not predators and do not follow the American model of immediate profit maximization. They prefer to invest not only on the product but also on people and they do not like the hit and run. If we manage to open our companies to these opportunities, the development possibilities would be endless both for markets and for finance”.


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