Dr. Martens heeds the leather rumbles and prepares for rebranding their Vegan collection by crossing out the “Leather” term

Dr. Martens gives up Vegan Leather label, while planning, for next summer, their green collections rebranding. The British manufacturer announced their decision in a written notice they sent to Cotance on February 5: starting from Spring-Summer 2018 collections, their product lines, entirely made of alternative material, will be labelled (in the stores as well) as “Vegan” only. Last January, the European confederation of tanning national associations strongly advised Dr. Martens to give up Vegan Leather label: in fact, to match the “leather” term with some materials that do not arise from animal skins and hides processing is not fair nor appropriate. Dr. Martens’ action (apparently, they had been thinking it over since 2017) actually rewards Cotance, UNIC (Unione Nazionale Industria Conciaria, the Italian Tanners Association) and all the European and international associations, which have been striving hard to safeguard and protect a proper use of the leather term in the marketing. Every fashion house is free and independent, in terms of selection of materials for their collections, and may act accordingly. As long as they use the right words (and points) though.


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