From project to trees: Gruppo Peretti plants 3,000

Dal progetto agli alberi: Gruppo Peretti ne pianta 3.000

They have put words into action. In other words, from project to trees. During Lineapelle last edition, which dates back to October 2019, Gruppo Peretti announced they would develop, in 2020, a project aiming to offset their emissions of CO2. While celebrating the 50th anniversary of Conceria Cristina (which is part of the group, together with Gasby and Miura), chief owner Valter Peretti illustrated his plan to create “a mixed forest, composed of 5 types of trees”. Where? “Right behind the tannery”. Well, they have now started the works for preparing the ground and planting trees.

Three thousand trees

“Gruppo Peretti, traditionally committed to improving, every year invests around 10% of its overall revenues in research, development and technology innovation”, remarked in a release, posted on Facebook, the leather tanning group, headquartered in the province of Vicenza. Nowadays, such commitment “goes beyond a few plans that aim at an ongoing energy optimization and our painstaking care about water, which is undoubtedly the most important asset to our community”. “We proudly announce that, throughout 2020, we are going to plant, to begin with, about 3,000 trees, in the ground area close to Conceria Cristina”. The aim is “to create a green space to absorb, in the next twenty years, over 1,000 tons of CO2”.

Real sustainability

The “green space” project rests upon a clear aim. To evidence that leather tanning industry is sustainable, in a tangible and prospective way. In other words, a green work-in-progress, which keeps going on relentlessly. “We are going to make some investments in human resources: our new employees will strive to enhance research, quality and sustainability – told us Valter Peretti during Lineapelle -. We are also going to implement a few programmes to optimize energy consumption: we have already allocated suitable investments for that. They will actually start in the next months: thanks to them, we expect to reduce around 25% of our energy needs. On top of that, we are thinking of a number of application studies and research to reduce consumption of chemicals and develop, at the same time, new product lines”. Ultimately, he pointed out: “We have decided to plant thousands of trees in a ground area right close to the tannery. We shall do it to offset our emissions of CO2. According to estimates, when the forest is 3 to 4 years old, we shall successfully manage to contain about 20 tons of CO2 a year”. From project to trees, in less than three months.

Pictures taken from Gruppo Peretti’s Facebook homepage

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