Green mission: Gruppo Mastrotto joins the UN’s Global Compact

Green mission: Gruppo Mastrotto joins the UN’s Global Compact

The UN’s Global Compact is “the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative”. And today one more joins in: Gruppo Mastrotto. The tanning giant based in Vicenza, reads a note, joined the initiative because it’s “sure that a long, balanced and inclusive development, demands an economic plan founded on solid ethical basis that respect human dignity and the environment”.

Gruppo Mastrotto joins the UN’s Global Compact

“By formalizing its participation in the initiative, Gruppo Mastrotto pledges to share, support and apply a number of fundamental principles”, continues the note from the Vicenza-based group. These stepping stones “define the 10 Inspiring Principles of the Global Compact and become a reference point for strategic choices and daily actions that take place in the company”. For example, “from the promotion and respect of human rights to the efforts to eliminate all discrimination and exploitation from the workplace. From supporting the ability of free associations for workers to fighting against corruption in all its forms. And more, the promotion of a growing environmental responsibility and the implementation of technologies that reduce the amount of natural resources used and impacts on the ecosystem”.

What are we talking about

The Global Compact is a global agreement created from the desire to promote a sustainable economy in the world. One that is respectful of human and work rights, protects the environment and fights corruption. It was first proposed in 1999 at the Davos World Economic Forum by the ex-secretary to the UN Kofi Annan. Since becoming operation in 2000, over 18,000 companies from 160 countries have joined, giving life to “a new concept of global collaboration – continues the press note from Gruppo Mastrotto -. In short, Global Compact is a network that collects governments, companies, UN agencies, labor unions and social associations, with the goal of promoting the culture of corporate citizenship in the world”.

But it’s also “a platform to create policies and guidelines to manage sustainable economies and policies. As well as an operational structure of companies that strive to be responsible, develop, implement, maintain and spread sustainable practices and policies”. And last but not least, it’s also “a forum inside which one can meet others, share experiences on various matters and compare opinions on globalization”.

The comment

“We will do everything not just within the borders of our organization, but while looking out towards our supply chain – commented the president of Gruppo Mastrotto, Chiara Mastrotto –. We are aware that the nature of the matters we face deserved a cooperative approach and a perspective within which everybody can contribute. By adhering to Global Compact, we will improve our organizational competencies and project management capacities”. How? “Thanks to educational activities on local and international scale, workshops with leading companies around the world, multistakeholder initiatives and by learning different perspectives that are important to find alternative, innovative, and effective. We will do this because we are certain to be able to give a positive and constructive contribution to an initiative that represents a reference point in the world for taking actions towards a more sustainable development”.

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