Gruppo Mastrotto signs integrative contract: here is what it provides for

Gruppo Mastrotto signs integrative contract: here is what it provides for

Production flexibility. Emphasis on innovation, safety and quality. Annual bonuses for more than 1,100 employees. And institution of Ethical Solidarity Hours, i.e. the possibility of donating hours of holiday and leave. Gruppo Mastrotto announces that it has reached an agreement on the company’s integrative contract hypothesis with the trade unions. ‘In one of the most difficult times for the global economy, we want to continue on our path of innovation, development and sustainability,’ is the comment entrusted to a note from president Chiara Mastrotto, ‘involving the social partners. And by creating a system of industrial relations open to dialogue and confrontation, where people and their well-being are confirmed as an important pivot of our People Next Level strategy’.

What the supplementary contract provides for

The Vicenza-based company claim that the agreement structures ‘for the first time in the tanning industry a modern system of industrial relations’. The contract signed with FILCTEM CGIL, FEMCA CISL, and UILTEC UIL provides between the parties and respects their roles, for dialogue and comparison through periodic meetings on strategic and organisational issues. In this framework, training becomes ‘an asset of the company’s development,’ reads the company note, ‘to be promoted through shared actions aimed at favouring the recruitment and hiring of qualified personnel.

For employees

The working time contract, in tune with the social and economic innovations of recent years, favours production and personal flexibility, explains Gruppo Mastrotto. How? “By increasing the tools to favour the unpredictable production dynamics and the work and personal reconciliation needs of its employees”. Not only that. For the more than 1,100 employees, an annual bonus of EUR 600 is envisaged, “which can be increased according to the achievement of objectives that are once again fully consistent with the group’s management guidelines”. While with the institution of the Ethical Solidarity Hours, the possibility of donating hours of holiday and leave, Gruppo Mastrotto confirms its attention to employees who may find themselves in serious situations of difficulty.

The pride of Chiara Mastrotto

‘I am personally proud that we have been able to chart this course and achieve this result,’ Chiara Mastrotto continues. ‘We have identified flexibility tools that can respond to company needs and at the same time favour the work-life balance of our employees. Training remains a fundamental point, and involving the social partners in designing new models to foster qualified employment in the company and developing existing skills is a stage in our righteous path of growth’.

UNIC’s comment

For its part, UNIC – Concerie italiane comments more than positively on “the excellent result achieved by one of the largest groups in the sector, which aims to consolidate a positive social dialogue with a view to company improvement and workers’ welfare. As also highlighted in the sector’s industrial CCNL, of which UNIC is a signatory for entrepreneurial representation, second-level bargaining is a good practice to pursue the improvement of company competitiveness indicators: productivity, efficiency, quality, company profitability, corporate social responsibility, environment and welfare, and to contribute to the improvement of working conditions and the redistribution of the benefits obtained”.

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