The wave of tanning acquisitions reaches Spain, as Fontanellas y Martì buy out Vidal Bosch

Fontanellas y Martì, a leather company headquartered in the tanning district of Igualada (Spain), totally bought out Vidal Bosch tannery (located in the same region), founded in 1945 and focused on leather manufacturing for leather goods and accessories. The deal, carried out at the beginning of the year, will enable Fontanellas y Martì to expand their portfolio of products as well as their commercial standing. As pointed out by Lederpiel, such buyout is evidence that the purchasing tannery, which was about to face bankruptcy three years ago, has been getting over tough times. Yet, on the other hand, it also sends another message: the wave of acquisitions, in the leather industry, has reached Spain at this point.


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