UNIC supports the restoration (on its second stage) of Pompeii ancient tannery, aiming to create a “widespread museum”

“When we first designed the project we thought of a widespread museum model, based on the restoration of the spaces that once hosted the leather processing. We also planned a new setup of such areas by placing display cabinets and showcases, panels and multimedia supports, in order to enable visitors to fully understand the leather treatment process in the past days”. Just a few meaningful words to depict closely the common aim set by UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Parco Archeologico Pompei (Pompeii Archeological Park), while announcing the beginning of the refurbishment second stage. The project started in January 2008, “thanks to the profitable collaboration with UNIC – Italian Tanneries, which financially supported the restoration of the areas where hides and skins were processed. This year we are going to stay focused on a specific enhancement action, which comes from the agreement signed between Parco Archeologico Pompei (Pompeii Archeological Park) and LINEAPELLE, a company totally controlled (100%) by UNIC – Italian tanneries group”. Italian tanneries are a genuine model of cultural responsibility, alongside the recovery of their own ancient heritage. Looking at the project, “we shall carry out a number of operational works to deliver the premises back to visitors, while aiming to implement multiple visiting tours variously designed”. In addition to that, “we shall also strive to refurbish the so-called Conciapelle (“Leather Tanning”) alley, in order to make it accessible again. In fact, the road that leads to the tannery site is mostly bumpy and disrupted owing to several bombs, which hit Pompeii archeological area from August till September 1943”.


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