Uruguay, JBS Zenda withdraws the dismissal of 370 workers

JBS Zenda is no longer firing. Or rather, has accepted the offer of union representatives: ensuring the request for the 370 workers concerned of four months of unemployment benefit (seguro de paro). In this way it will be possible to wait for the establishment of the inter-ministerial table on the tanning group crisis with a different serenity; a table from which it is hoped will come reintegration paths for the dismissed workers. From the Uruguayan press emerges the satisfaction of the top management of UOC, the main union  of reference for the tanning industry: “It is an agreement that gives us more time and leaves no worker out”, is the statement of general secretary Carlos Bico. JBS Zenda announced the closure of two plants out of three, keeping 140 people on the staff. While the management of the tanning group had spoken with the press about a generic market crisis, it is El Observador that quantifies the declining turnover: in January-May export of JBS Zenda (16.9 million dollars) has lost 41.5% on an annual basis.


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