Uruguay, the Paris tannery gives in and closes down

Uruguay, la conceria Paris si arrende e annuncia la chiusura

The Paris tannery lets go. On February 20th, the Uruguayan company’s management announced to all labor unions that it will be unable to continue operations. The situation is allegedly “irreversible”. The 250 people employed by Paris tannery are likely losing their jobs.

Left behind by the Chinese

As reported by local media, the company (founded in 1944) asked to layoff more than 200 of its employees in 2019. The main reason for the economic difficulties was the decreased demand form its clients and consequent incapacity to keep up with new markets. Specifically, writes the elobservador.com.uy, the main problem was caused by the lack of renewal of a contract from an Austrian client active in the automotive sector. The revenue of the company, at that point, suffered greatly. The business had focused its efforts on semi-finished products for Chinese clients, but in the last few months they have also encountered issues with it.

The tannery surrenders

The company’s top managers announced on Thursday that 118 employees for which it had requested layoffs now seem to have been fired. 100 other employees meanwhile will still get a stipend from government subsidies. Only 30 employees remain active within the company. Their future as well, sadly, is at risk.

Image taken from curtiembreparis.com



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