USHSLA is concerned: if Trump initiates a commerce war with China 1 billion USD worth of export is at risk

More than 1 billion USD, or over 50% of the export value for a year. That is China’s worth to US traders of raw material and leather for the tanning industry. And that is the reason why Stephen Sothmann, president of USHSLA (one of the main associations for the leather industry in the USA), invited the Trump administration to “have a constructive approach to cooperate with the Chinese government”. Sothmann communicated his opinion, and it was reported by different news sources for the sector. The statement was made regarding the potential war on commerce between the Trump administration and Beijing’s government, and the consequential escalation of imposed-duties and counter duties by the two nations. “The Chinese market isn’t just important just for United States’ exporters, it is of fundamental importance – continues USHSLA’s president -. The development of the tanning supply chain, along with that of the agricultural industry, depends on solid relations with China”.



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