Lloyd: digital shelves to interact with the customers; Ricosta: courses for selling on the Social networks. German footwear espouses innovation

Lloyd is choosing digital technology and the internet to attract customers into its stores, while Ricosta is teaching its own retailers how to use the social networks. In its Dodenhof store in Posthausen, German footwear manufacturer Lloyd, has presented Perch, the interactive panel, a tool to help customers interact with their products. When you touch the shoes sitting on the panel, you open up various dialogue options including video content (for example the shoe is shown being worn by a celebrity or presented at a fashion show) and audio. The interactions available are provided through an integrated statistics tool that captures users’ data. The online connectivity of the display also allows the continuous sharing of content through a central server. The tool is called Perch and was created by Brunnée Marketing. Lloyd will present this new technology starting from next autumn. Lloyd is based in Sulingen and operates 47 own brand stores, employing over 1,500 staff, with a production of 7,200 pairs a day, and generating a turnover of around 130 million euros. Ricosta, who produces shoes for children, has launched a programme of courses (for a fee) reserved for its own retailers to teach them online marketing techniques and in particular how to use the most popular social networks and how to have more visibility on Google.


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