The Sperimentale launches fab-lab for the leather industry involving digital design, 3D printing and laser cutting

The technologies employed are laser cut, water cut, employable machines for cutting leathers and the pattern design on the surface of the materials. There is also the 3d printer to realise, for example, mould to impress the leather (as pictured). An infinite number of solutions, largely still to be discovered, to apply to the leather has already been achieved with other materials, such as wood or plastics. Neapolitan Stazione Sperimentale for the Industry of Leather and tanning materials works in partnership with prominent companies in the leather sector as Medaarch and Bio-Logic, the fab-lab for the leather industry. This structure will fulfil multiple roles. It will be a place of education for schools, consulting for companies and research and technology development and, above all, it will be a workshop open to anyone who wants to experiment.


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