All set for the International Conscious Leather Design Academy

All set for the International Conscious Leather Design Academy

Uniting, on an educational and academic level, the design sector and the Italian leather industry is possible. The demonstration is the project presented yesterday at the Belvedere di San Leucio in Caserta by Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli. It is called International Conscious Leather Design Academy and is proposed in collaboration with Officina Vanvitelli and Lineapelle.

International Conscious Leather Design Academy

The academic project, reads a note, is “conceived with the aim of developing an advanced training model on the relationship between design and leather, characterised by the green approach and low environmental impact of Italian tanning production. In particular, the Academy, in collaboration with the project’s luxury companies partners, will experiment innovative research-based briefs”. The students will develop them “thanks to the scientific and technical support of Officina Vanvitelli and Lineapelle”.

An innovative challenge

International Conscious Leather Design Academy represents “an innovative challenge to work on sustainable projects for the leather production sector, and on advanced material scenarios in the world of design and fashion”. It is open “to a maximum of 30 bachelor’s and master’s degree graduates in the fields of fashion and design”. But also “to professionals and young entrepreneurs in the sector, both Italian and foreign, who want to learn more about innovations in the Italian leather and new materials industry”. The training will last six weeks. “Lineapelle will provide scholarships and lectures by experts from the world of sustainable tanning, who will work alongside lecturers from Officina Vanvitelli. In addition, there will be collaborations with companies for ad hoc project briefs in the leather sector activated by Lineapelle”.




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