Lineapelle and Vanvitelli: here’s the Conscious Leather Design Academy

Lineapelle and Vanvitelli: here's the Conscious Leather Design Academy

It’s called Conscious Leather Design Academy. Conscious because it recalls sustainability, to be interpreted as green awareness (360 degrees). Leather is self-explanatory. Design defines the creative perimeter of the initiative. Academy contextualizes its educational purpose. Main characters of the project: Officina Vanvitelli of the University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli and Lineapelle. Together, they have created a training module (first of its kind) covering the academic year 2023/2024, which ended these days – included in the teaching program of the Department of Architecture and Industrial Design.

Conscious Leather Design Academy

Conscious Leather Design Academy, reads the project’s introduction, was created “as a response to the post-pandemic challenges that have strongly impacted Italy’s tanning segment, and that have caused an acceleration toward ecological and digital transition”. The result was “a remarkable collaborative effort” between the University, Lineapelle and tanning companies in Campania, “creating a robust network that connects academia and industry“. A synergy in intent and deed. “Companies provide valuable practical knowledge and continuous feedback. They guide the development of the training curriculum in line with market needs. This synergy facilitates the implementation of innovative projects that involve faculty, doctoral students, and companies in pioneering experiments with the ongoing support of Lineapelle.

Interaction between theory and practice

Such synergistic interaction between theoretical knowledge and practical application is of fundamental importance in shaping highly-skilled designers in the conscious processing of leather”. Protagonists: 10 students and a range of corporate entities. In order: Lineapelle, Kiton, Mario Valentino, SSIP (Stazione Sperimentale delle Pelli e delle Materie Concianti), Russo di Casandrino, Dean Industria Conciaria Pelli, L’Officina Chimica in Movimento, Mc2 Solofra, Angela Calzature. “The Academy, in collaboration with the partnering luxury companies, is experimenting with innovative research-based project briefs”.

The 10 scholars

10 students, 10 of their projects, to show what their training had brought. Here are their names: Emanuela Capasso, Maria Rosaria Serra, Claudia Luisi, Chiara Caropreso, Erica De Filippo, Modia Romano, Antonio Cesaro, Samuel Esposito, Eleonora Cecere, Filomena Antonucci.

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