Collab ergo sum: the new way of Schott leather jackets

Collab ergo sum: the new way of Schott leather jackets

Authenticity and modernity. This is how, in Europe, the brand Schott NYC has overcome the pandemic and now, with a series of collaborations, also wants to challenge the current dramatic contingencies caused by the war in Ukraine. Schott, which in the Old Continent is under the management of the French group JAJ, has gone through Covid suffering as little as possible, because its leather jackets are considered by consumers to be “a sure thing”. In other words: they are not affected by the frenetic fickleness of fashion trends and, thanks also to the enhancement of the material, generate solid consumer loyalty. Now, however, it is time to step on the accelerator even further. How? By focusing (a lot) on collabs.

The new way of Schott leather jackets

Groupe JAJ closed the financial year 2021/2022 at 24.1 million euros, up 25.2% on the previous year and more than 20% on 2019/2020. Same trend in the first three months of 2022/2023, with revenue up more than 22%. An increase verified in all markets except the UK, due to Brexit. Excellent results, based, says JAJ, on a particular brand perception.

Winning and intergenerational authenticity

“Today, we have middle school students as well as 40 or 50 year olds wearing our products. And because we sell garments ranging from 150 to 2,000 euros, we also have a clientele that ranges from executives to university students from a suburb,” Bruno Dauman, CEO of JAJ, explains to Fashion Network. Known for its leather outerwear, Schott NYC is a creation of the Russian-American brothers Irving and Jack Schott, who founded the brand in 1913. The company is still family-owned, and has always regarded the use of leather as a top priority. Schott collaborates with tanneries in the USA, in particular with Horween Leather in Chicago. It manufactures 90% of its production in the USA, while the rest (not leather) is produced in Asia.

Collab ergo sum

Schott’s new direction is now on the path of collabs. Objective: to increase recognition and visibility. Thus, after the launch of the shared collection with Coach last October, Schott will sign some garments with Lee Jeans while its iconic model, Perfecto, will be revisited by Sacaï and Saint Laurent. Then, in September, it will be the turn of the collaboration with the young brand Walk in Paris, and for the 50th anniversary of the lifestyle brand Smiley.

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