Raw material, US meat declines (-3%), Brazil slows down as well

Focus on separate statistical figures: the former ones spotlight the export of meat in the USA in 2019 first quarter, while the latter ones are about Brazil’s slaughtering in the same period. Yet, the emerging scenario has one common denominator: the market has been slightly (clearly though) slowing down. According to data provided by USMEF (the US federation of meat exporters), exports abroad of North American beef have been decreasing by 3% in terms of volume (that is, 307,000 tons) and dropped by 0.8% in terms of value (1.9 billion dollars), while the average price of each sample went down by 2%. Likewise, in Brazil the business trend showed a similar slowdown, as they slaughtered 7.7 million bovine units from January to March: as remarked by the IBGE institute of statistics, such performance is positive on annual basis (+0.3%), but it turns negative compared to the previous quarter (-4.4%). Meanwhile, in the period, Brazilian tanneries have bought a smaller amount of raw hides: specifically, -6.9% compared to 2018 last quarter and -3.5% compared to the same period of 2018.


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