Obama loves leather: former US President shows up this way at the NBA finals

I like it, it fits me, and I am going to buy two of them. While saying such words, Barack Obama spoke about the item of clothing he likes the best. On Monday evening, former President of the United States of America showed up at the NBA Finals to be present at the second match between Toronto and Golden States (for the records, the Warriors won 109 to 104). He was wearing a black leather jacket: simple, essential, nearly minimal, considering how neat its lines were. His jacket pure style reminds of the Seventies trend, which is quite usual for Obama at this point: in fact, he had already put on the same clothing model (brown coloured though) while first taking stage after leaving the White House, in 2017. Former US President likes such model a great deal: it is no coincidence that he also wore it during his public visit to the National Gallery of Art, which took place in March 2017. That was the first time he was wearing it publicly. Obama’s passion for leather is long lasting anyway: in fact, while being the President of the United States he had clearly shown his fondness for leather apparel. During a political speech, held in Wisconsin, he wore a leather bomber jacket, the same US air force aviators put on.

In the picture, a screenshot taken from gq.com


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