Igualada invests in the tanning district purification plant

Igualada invests in the tanning district purification plant

The project to upgrade Igualada tanning district’s purification plant has begun. The company that manages the plant (Igualadina de Depuracio i Recuperacio) announces work on a new effluent regeneration station for the district. Initially, the new station will operate as a pilot version, to verify and evaluate the treatment results. The aim is to generate two cycles of water (osmosis and salt water) from the effluent to be fed back into the cycles of the tanning district itself.

The district purification plant project

As you can read in Leder Piel (from which the photo is taken), the Catalan company Waterologies is supplying the pilot plant. The water regeneration process takes place in two stages: the first is preparation, the second passes through membranes that allow the separation of salt and other elements through osmosis and nano-filtration. For one year, the pilot plant will produce 10 cubic metres of osmosis water and two cubic metres of salt water per day. The results will be evaluated in terms of quality and usefulness for the tanning industry by A3 Leather Innovation, and administered in tanks to companies to prove the impact of this water on production processes.

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