Stewart’s green jackets with leather and recycled plastic

Stewart's green jackets with leather and recycled plastic

Reinforcing the sustainable message, broadening the perspective. Stewart, famous for its leather jackets with a vintage allure, is expanding its line of outerwear. The historic Florentine brand’s green jackets include wool soaked in polyethylene terephthalate (PET), i.e. recycled plastic bottles. The result? This brand, which has been working for decades for the domestic market, has finally managed to break through the wall of foreign markets. Stewart’s owner Vittorio Piani (in the photo) told us about it at the brand booth at Pitti Uomo.

Stewart’s green jackets

How did the fair go?

After a long time, thanks to the inclusion of the wool line, I will be able to make inroads into foreign markets, where I have always struggled to enter. For now, I’m aiming at central Europe. Our leather look needed a makeover.

Does this wool match the leather?

We are offering a jacket with a Nappa leather exterior and recycled PET interior, padded with goose down, and two garments paired with sheepskin.

Why this choice?

We decided to open up the company’s offer towards a responsible fabric. The need to expand the product range also has a commercial reason: our garments are expensive and with this new line we can increase the number of units in shops.

How did Stewart react to the pandemic?

We suffered a drop in business volume and lost a lot. But we are recovering well. In 2021, we had a real backlash.

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