Expo Riva Schuh goes back to its original date (January 16-19)

Expo Riva Schuh goes back to its original date (January 16-19)

Expo Riva Schuh goes back to the original date. The organisers of the volume footwear fair announced this morning the calendar change. The event is no longer held in December, but goes on to January: it will be staged, together with Gardabags, from Saturday, January 16 to Tuesday , January 19 at Riva del Garda (Trento) exhibition centre.

Expo Riva Schuh returns to the original date

It was June 15, 2020. During a press conference, the president of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi, Roberto Pellegrini, announced that Expo Riva Schuh would take place on December 11-14. So not in January as has been now a tradition. The goal was to safeguard the reference market of the two exhibitions. But then, the new communication and the return to the original dates.

The reasons

“The changing international situation has forced multinational companies to stop business travel until next December 31, 2020, bringing significant restrictions on obtaining visas. This has prompted our organisation to choose for the fair the usual positioning within the international fair calendar. The will is to continue to guarantee exhibitors the possibility to meet with their historical interlocutors, especially those in Europe, which are more than 80% of the total”. Those who cannot physically reach the exhibition centre, will be able to do so in a virtual way. “It is the solution that allows exhibitors to meet “new customers, thanks to the potential offered by digital – Pellegrini now explains -. A choice that, moreover, will allow visitors to have a complete preview of new fashion trends, plan orders with great advance and promptly identify changes in the footwear market”.

New layout

Expo Riva Schuh and Gardabags will be able to count on a series of “phygital” proposals. The goal is to shorten distances, find alternative solutions to the dense network of relationships and exchanges that generally characterise every trade fair event. All to facilitate discussion and dialogue within the sector. An absolute novelty will be the “Hybrid Stands”, special customisable exhibition spaces, which will be shared or hired individually by companies taking part in the fair. Qualified and adequately trained multilingual staff will oversee these spaces, taking care of all the samples (collection, preparation, shipping at the end of the event). Not only that, it will also take care of relationships and of videoconference negotiation between customer and exhibitor.

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