Auto: Faurecia, Lear and Adient are suspending part of production

L'auto è ferma: Faurecia, Lear e Adient sospendono la produzione

Faurecia, Lear and Adient are suspending part of the production. The decision would come after the stop of the major automotive brands. These include Renault, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, BMW and Ferrari. With car factories shut down, even giants of interior have decided to slow down their activities.

Chinese grain

As ILM reports, auto sales in China fell by 85% in February. To this, the lack of manpower must be added. Many workers have returned to their villages of origin. Others living in the city stayed in their homes to follow their children, or for fear of contagion. The last element that brought production to its knees is the lack of masks, gloves and sanitising gel. Without such devices, companies did not meet government standards to remain open. And so, they had to close.

Faurecia, Lear and Adient

According to ILM, Faurecia is suspending business in most factories in Europe. Lear is doing the same in the United States. Here, in particular, some workers would have tested positive for Covid-19. This would have resulted in a halt in the manufacture of Ford parts at the Chicago plant. There’s uncertainty for Adient too. On Friday March 20, the company announced that it will suspend forecasts for 2020 financial year, due to too many economic uncertainties. “The pandemic is dramatically affecting every industry in the world, including the automotive one. The production of vehicles has been temporarily suspended in Europe and North America – explains President Doug Del Grosso in a note -. We are taking aggressive measures to safeguard the health of our employees and protect our business”.

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