65 years after the Everest was conquered, Edmund Hillary’s bag was found: in the alpinist kit were 6 pairs of leather gloves

Edmund Hillary, the first climber to reach the peak of Mount Everest in 1953, had 6 pairs of leather gloves in his equipment. And today, on the 65th anniversary of the climber from New Zealand’s achievement (made with sherpa Tenzing Nongay), the canvas bag containing his equipment has been brought to the patrimony of the Canterbury Museum of Christchurch, in the Oceanic Country. The bag, which bears on the back the list of its own contents (such as “10 air mattresses, 4 sleeping bags for -20 degrees, 1 Mummy sleeping bag”) written by Hillary himself, was found by the current owner of the roulette belonged to the climber (who died in 2003). The museum participated with an offer of 16,000 dollars at the auction launched by the private owner. And won it.



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