Automotive goes up and down. In 2017 Lear’s performance was “amazing”, whereas Adient’s profits crumbled down in the quarter

The automotive sector goes up and down. On the one hand, Lear’s outcomes are “impressively grand”. The leather giant, dedicated to car interiors and components, ended 2017 with a remarkable accomplishment: sales increased by 10 per cent (20,5 billion dollars), as well as cash flow, which went up by 9 per cent, thus reaching 1,2 billion dollars. On top of that, they firmly reinforced their manufacturing division, with regard to leather. In fact, their Seating Division considerably enhanced its turnover, which moved up to 15,8 billion dollars (compared to 14,3 billion dollars previously). Lear consider such performance to be “amazing”, as they point out that their success was driven by “a consistent search for added value”. Forecast for 2018 is not so outstandingly brilliant, still it is positive: they are supposedly expecting to slightly grow, thus exceeding 21 billion dollars in terms of revenues. Conversely, their competitors, namely Adient, are not in high spirits, as their revenues increased, in the last business quarter, by 4 per cent (4,2 billion dollars), but their profits crumbled down (-252 per cent, that is, 216 million dollars less). By and large, they expect to go even in 2018, as their earnings are due to move up to 17,2 billion dollars (compared to 17 billion dollars previously).


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