Automotive Interiors Expo: UNIC and ICEC tell the story of Italian Leather in Stuttgart

German Location. Automotive target. Tradeshow environment. A real galaxy of exposition spaces dedicated to the supply chain of the automotive segments opens in Stuttgart. One of these spaces has a specific and important focus for leather that can be understood by its name. Automotive Interiors Expo (May 21-23). The event presents itself as a commercial and networking moment with an international feeling, one which Italian suppliers of the large automobile manufacturers just couldn’t miss. The event also couldn’t be missed by UNIC – Italian Tanners, that decided to have an exhibitor stand at this fair, which is one of the most relevant events at an international level for manufacturers of materials, surfaces, textiles and interior components for the automotive industry. The reason is simple: promoting Italian leather, its quality, performance, certified sustainability (element, this one, strengthened by ICEC’s presence, the reference certification institute for the leather segment). In a time where the “veg-assault” to automotive interiors is becoming more aggressive and intense, UNIC and ICEC try to dot the “i”s, and to do so they have taken the stand during the tradeshow debate of the German show called Style and Technology Studio. During the debate the associations offered food for thoughts on the circular DNA of Italian leather “as a guarantee of sustainability for the automotive sector”.



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