Faurecia and BMW sign a six-million-car super contract, the biggest ever in the history of the French company

That is the biggest delivery ever, in terms of sale volumes, in the history of Faurecia. The French multinational corporation signed this agreement with BMW at the end of March. According to the contract, as announced by the parties involved in the deal, they will provide a JIT (that is a just in time manufacturing, immediately prior to sale) assembly for seven models, as well as the seat structure, in all of its parts, for two platforms: Mini and BMW 2Series. The delivery will concern the production of 6 million cars on the whole. They have not made public the financial terms of the deal between Faurecia and BMW, which the industry has made vertical by assigning most of the work to the French company. The delivery, recorded by Faurecia in the 2015-2017 three-year period, enables the multinational company to reach, in the period, a turnover of 62 billion euros, that is, 9 million euros more compared to the previous triennium.


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