Tuscan Leather for soles, the future is now: among customization, high-tech and sustainability “We can make the difference”

Customization, high-tech and sustainability. These will be the trends for the “tomorrow” of leather for soles. Moreover, these will be the strategiesthat will allow high-quality Italian leather (for soles) to keep its important share of the market, even with the aggressive forward-move made by the streetwear segment, which helped sneakers gain terrain and business. These three main trends emerged during the presentation on Summer 2020trends, organized by Cuoio di Toscana, leather soles consortium leader in the manufacturing of leather soles, which detains an 80% market sharein Europe. Speaker: Orietta Pellizzari, consultant at UNIC – Italian Tanners, and specialist in the analysis of stylistic evolutions, as well as international consumptions. So: faced with a demand for unique products, that are made even more particular by personalized drawings and details, the leather soles’ segment can make the difference.

Customizationand other forms of personalizationare key elements on which to focus, because it is what high-end brands need as well”, stated the president of Cuoio di Toscana, Antonio Quirici(in photo). One of the main themes that brands are having to face is that of the tendency to develop unique products that vary based on the market, and that can be well customized in store. “For this reason, Tuscan companies that are part of the Consorzio (consortium), are developing the necessary technologies to be able to refineleather soleswith high-tech solutions”. Another opportunity for growth originates from sustainability, as companies can focus on the natural characteristicsof a product such as leather soles. “Our tanning technique is the result of a process based on natural tannins, and we are also investing capital on the treatmentofwaste-water”, added Cuoio di Toscana’s president. All topics that, not by accident, are important to Millennials, the segment toward which the consortium is aiming its communication, via fashion films such as Show Your Sole. The short film was created by Fabiana Giacometti, and directed by Marco De Giorgi, it was produced with the patronage of LineapelleUNIC, and Micam, and was first shown yesterday in occasion of the 2020 trend presentation. The short film is now available online.
Photo by Beatrice Vesprini/Polimoda



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