Jaguar and Miltem remind everybody that leather and luxury cannot be separated

Jaguar e Militem ricordano che lusso e pelle sono inscindibili

Luxury vehicles and leather and inseparable. And if there was still to be any doubt, the F-Type model by Jaguar and the Italian pick-up by Militem, take it away. Both new entries are leather-oriented.

Jaguar proposal 

Jaguar has renewed its F-Type coupé, which has been on the market for 6 years now. The interiors of the vehicle are exquisitely covered by Windsor leather and Noble chromes. The leather is supplied by the Bridge of Weir tannery, which is owned by the Scottish Leather Group.

Luxury and leather are one

Militem is an Italian luxury brand. The company has decided to enlarge its pick-up offer with Magnum, which is inspired by the RAM 1500 Laramie Sport (not available in Europe). Inside the vehicle we find leather and alcantara covered seats. The inlays on the pick-up’s doors and dashboard are in full grain, while the steering wheel is covered in leather. The entire vehicle requires 30 squared meters of leather, manually tanned in 14 different color combinations.

Pictures taken from Jaguar & Militem, respectively


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