Lamborghini opt for limited sales: “Scarcity is a must”

Lamborghini preferisce vendere meno: “La scarsità è un must”

“Scarcity is a must”. Stefano Domenicali, chief executive officer and president of Lamborghini, made clear, in his brief sentence, the marketing strategy of the car company he is currently leading. In fact, at Sant’Agata (Bologna) headquarters, by no means they are willing to undermine their own prestige by searching hazardously for a larger range of buyers. “In general, we focus on the value of exclusiveness – pointed out the manager while speaking to Il Sole 24 Ore –, therefore sticking to the core attitude of the brand: if we sneak out of our playground, it can be dangerous to our business”.

“Scarcity is a must”

As we said, in Sant’Agata Lamborghini manufacture 22 Urus SUV a day: “To tell the truth, demand would allow us to produce up to 28 of them – explained Domenicali –. Yet, scarcity is a must to us: it is a value, our way to enhance the brand”. That does not apply to SUV exclusively: while selling over 8,200 units, Lamborghini have just set their new record in terms of volumes. This is fair enough actually: “We want to manufacture and sell about 8,200/8,500 units, with equal markets of course – remarked the chief executive officer –. Volumes are important, but we need to be careful about margins”.

Production investments

Lamborghini, whose parent organization is German group Audi, have enlarged their manufacturing plant based in Emilia. Such move, as much as the brand strategy, has been driving the success of the car company. “In hindsight, we may well say that our investment in Sant’Agata proved fully successful – pointed out Domenicali –. We had not taken it for granted though. We managed to enlarge remarkably our production site by adding new products, expertise and professionals: we are very happy about that”.

Picture taken from La Conceria archive



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