Pepita tune up cars by using leather: look at this Typ 181

Pepita tune up cars by using leather: look at this Typ 181

Pepita tune up cars by using leather. The small-sized Hungarian company, which specializes in modifying standard cars to make them more eye-catching, has recently launched on the market an alternative model compared to classic Volkswagen Typ 181. A torpedo car, military inspired, newly set and directed at the most sophisticated buyers. On top of that, they decided to make use of leather to cover all of its parts.

Pepita tune up cars by using leather

Founded in Székesfehérvár, in 2006, as a simple garage for car repair, Pepita are nowadays a renowned aftermarket company. In 2012, they bought out a large hangar and subsequently equipped it in full compliance with European highest quality standards. Today, at Pepita they mostly focus their work on car interiors. One of the company’s latest projects is about a brown-coloured Volkswagen Typ 181, first produced at the end of the sixties and filled with a military DNA. The car, created by the Hungarian garage, has a lowered distribution and its upholstery, both for exteriors and interiors, has been fully improved. In fact, top-quality leather, which covers car seats, doors, boot and steering wheel, has replaced “trivial fabric” formerly used. Actually a style drill that does not modify, though, the fighting soul of the German torpedo vehicle.

Pictures taken from Pepita’s Facebook account

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