Lesson from Felloni (Vivier): shoes make the difference

Lesson from Felloni (Vivier): shoes make the difference

Gherardo Felloni (on the left in picture from Instagram) believes everything starts with shoes. According to the creative director of Roger Vivier, brand owned by Tod’s, “when a look is created for a catwalk or collection, shoes are what make the difference. The same can be said for those wearing them”. Felloni’s lesson is to not give lessons to consumers: “Society changes independently from fashion”.

Lesson from Felloni

Gherardo Felloni has been creative director of Roger Vivier since 2018. 5 years ago the brand generated a revenue of 173.5 million, while sales in 2022 amounted to 246 million. In an interview with Sole 24 Ore, Felloni says he isn’t anxious, especially given the numbers. “I am not a manager, but I understand well the limitations tied to being a listed company and the fact that without financial sustainability, companies can’t go anywhere. I am lucky to work in a group led by an entrepreneur (Diego Della Valle) that focuses on healthy and sustainable growth”.

Shoes make the difference

Roger Vivier has historically been a women’s brand. Felloni introduced men’s shoes and some clothing items, as well as widening the handbags’ offering. Yet, he believes shoes are the basis for it all. “I worked for many brands and when a look is created for a catwalk or collection, shoes are what make the difference”, states Felloni. The difference is in those wearing them. “A woman feels and walk differently depending on the shoes she wears. Shoes define their shape and tell us a lot about who the person is”, he says, showing he has clear ideas about the social role of fashion. He doesn’t believe it fashion should send moral messages or try to teach lessons. “Society changes regardless of fashion”, concludes Roger Vivier’s creative director.

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