The Telegraph looks down on leather: “Cars with no leather interiors are better”. But UK Leather Federation put it in its place: “Ignorant”

A fire-fight (or a media-fight), that see the Telegraph’s snobbish editorialist being put in its place by the UK Leather Federation. The first sign of trouble presented itself when, on the UK-based newspaper’s 4-wheel part in its lifestyle section, appeared an article titled: “Leather has no place in modern cars”. The author, Ed Wiseman, starts by claiming that he is not a vegetarian, nor a vegan, and that he enjoys consuming meat in large quantity. But then he asks whether a material originating from animals is still a coherent choice for car-brands that pride themselves on their search for technological innovations and advancements. He then says, after having completely ignored the doubts of the ones that talk to others who aren’t knowledgeable about the matter in the furthest of ways, that with regards to comfort and durability, there are materials that are not just cheaper, but (his words), “better”, than leather. He then smoothly suggests that leather carries social and environmental costs that are too high, showing his ignorance in the matter. The UK Leather Federation loses no time to answer the shot fired by Mr. Wiseman, and reminds that the tanning industry is and has always been part of a circular economy (since it uses the leftover material of the livestock industry), and how the industry has always invested in sustainability. The association then reminds the journalist of many European players of the industry that are sublime for quality and work-environment. And, at the end, it calls out all the wrong statements made. Even more, “his incredible level if misinformation and ignorance”. Reducing the debate to “the visits in Marrakech’s tanneries”, isn’t just an abuse of topic, but also the demonstration that little to no research has been done regarding this matter. Because throwing dirt on the tanning industry without having thought of geographical and historical experiences is “an hysteric absurdity with no real basis”.


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