Anti-Covid certification: Incas tannery receive it first

Anti-Covid certification: Incas tannery receive it first

Such certification actually refers to the new ICEC TS422 Technical Specifications about the management of Covid-19 emergency in the leather industry companies (tanneries, to begin with, but also contractors, manufacturers and chemicals). Incas, based in Castelfranco di Sotto, is the first Italian tannery receiving this certification.

The first Italian tannery

The aim of the procedure turns out to be “evidentiary and providing a guarantee for clients” as regards Covid-19. In other words, it certifies the introduction of a corporate protocol management system, in order to implement mandatory guidelines regarding employees and workplaces’ health and safety, while dealing with emergencies.

“Speaking about security measures and processes, as to a number of situations – pointed out Stefano Giannotti, strategic advisor for Incas management – we had already carried them out prior to lockdown, over the last week of February. For example, by setting new regulations about access ways and common areas. Furthermore, we had to put together the whole of rules, according to several protocols subsequently issued, to handle them efficiently. Ultimately, we implemented the Protocol drafted by UNIC – Italian Tanneries along with trade unions, as we deemed it to be the strictest one”. Consequently, they eventually achieved the ICEC certification: Incas turns out to be the first Italian tannery receiving it.

An important investment

Achieving such certification is “an important investment” to Incas, from several standpoints. “It is certainly like that – continued Giannotti – in terms of human resources, organization, materials, health and medical devices, poster designing. In addition, we have supplied training courses directed not only at individuals personally engaged in some specific tasks, such as sanitising, but also at the other employees.

Our system, currently working, enables us to assess in actual time whatever goes on in the company, therefore pinpointing any possible problem”. Safety standards, then, are “1,000×1, 000 efficient, also regarding the management of procedures that apply to clients and suppliers entering facilities. Consequently, we are able to ensure overall top security, in full compliance with regulations and protocols. While going through such process, both employees and trade unions’ representatives showed great feedback and, at the same time, a cooperative and proactive attitude”.

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