Too many orders: Poltrona Frau rents a temporary factory

Too many orders: Poltrona Frau rents a temporary factory

Poltrona Frau’s leather car interiors are running very fast. And perhaps even more, since the Marche-based company finds itself having to manage a peak in requests such that it has to increase production. In other words, to cope with the increase in orders, Frau (headquarters: Tolentino) decided to rent a temporary factory in Montecosaro, in the Macerata province. “The timing and the number of people involved are still to be defined,” says the company, which was first looking for premises near its headquarters. Then, it would have found more suitable those identified in Montecosaro, about 30 kilometres away.

Too many orders

“Poltrona Frau’s automotive division has temporarily rented premises in Montecosaro to support the production peak expected in 2022,” said the Marche-based brand, which has been controlled by the Haworth Group for eight years. The company has confirmed employment levels at the Tolentino site, while “the timing and number of people involved” in the temporary factory in Montecosaro have yet to be defined, Cronache Maceratesi reports.

Poltrona Frau rents a temporary factory

According to trade unions, the company looked for premises in the Tolentino area, but in the end deemed the Montecosaro building more suitable. Several dozen employees should be employed here. The choice would be temporary and made to deal with an increase in production.

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