“Our upholstery goes hand in hand with their fashion: a perfect mix”, says the CEO of Smit & zoon, as he talks about Codyeco buyout

It is not time to speak about plans yet. “Some teams, composed of representatives of both companies, will liaise to carry out amalgamation and a strategic plan. Both Smit & zoon and Codyeco have their own forces: the synergy between the companies will drive us to achieve our best potential”. Such is the statement issued by Hans van Haarst, chief executive officer at Smit & zoon, the Dutch chemicals manufacturer, which announced, on October 31, the total buyout of Tuscan Codyeco. During his interview, published on issue n.39 of La Conceria (you may click here to read through the article), the manager points out that the merger of the companies is mostly based on the combination and the mix of their respective products: “Codyeco is very competitive with regard to shoe uppers, apparel and accessories – he said -, while Smit & zoon mainly produces car interiors and upholstery. Each company is well-known for their product high quality, their excellent technical support and their investments in research and development”. The buyout achieved by Smit & zoon has taken place a few weeks after the closing deal between Basf and Stahl: so many mergers, clears up van Haarst, are due to “stricter and stricter rules and regulations, while demand for innovation and sustainability keeps growing. Small enterprises are facing difficulties because of a scenario, which is getting more and more competitive. By joining forces, together with major players, they can cope with that”.


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