Accessories and components at Lineapelle: luxury labels are the driving force, while the mid-range is problematic

Satisfaction with the initial results and positive expectations for the second day of the fair is the feeling among accessories and components exhibitors at Lineapelle. The first day of the fair brought confirmation of attendance by regular clients, while many were expecting a further increase in visitors today. Opinions from the stands testify to the increasing driving force of the designer labels: “The market is doing well as regards working with the designer labels,” representatives from Vastes (Civitanova Marche) explain. “We’ve given up on the rest.” The company has abandoned its production of labels and ribbons which it has been involved in for the last 12 years, and has relaunched itself in the sector of reworking hides and skins for the luxury market (such as 3D reliefs, flocking, digital printing, rubber injection, liquid polyurethane), in a significant business redevelopment that has enabled the company to triple their turnover in 8 years. There are positive reports from Tacchificio Villa Cortese (Milan), too: “We’re undergoing steady growth. We depend on the designer brands and we’re here at Lineapelle because we want to become better known,” although without diversifying “because dropping down a level leads to other problems.” The reference is to the difficulties in getting payments from clients who are not from the big fashion houses, a problem expressed by many of the entrepreneurs. However, B.E. Bersani e C., a metal accessories company operating in all sectors of the market indicated generalized hardship in the footwear market: “We are undergoing a phase of stagnation at the moment. The mid-range sector is missing – it’s completely disappeared.”


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